I learned that you can not turn back, that the essence of life is to go forward. Life, indeed, is a one-way street.

LOVES ME NOT Vol I: Beautiful Broken Me

About this Book.

  • Title:Beautiful Broken Me
  • Author: Kenny L. Mitchell
  • Language: English
  • Page Number: 140 pages

Regina Washington was born with a happy & optimistic personality. When misfortune strikes at a young age, she finds herself in a world where her vibrant personality & warm heart are visibly diminished & tragically broken. After meeting the charismatic & charming Franklin, Regina feels that she finally has it all. Unfortunately, Franklin’s persona covers a deeply abusive & psychotic nature. As Franklin’s violence escalates, Regina finds herself in a nightmare from which there is seemingly no escape. “Beautiful Broken Me” is the first chapter in the 3 part “LOVES ME NOT” saga. The ingenious literary work, explores the perils of emotional dependency & the resilience & beauty of the human spirit. It also introduces the clandestine organization known as “The Askari Sisterhood” that picks up Regina, placing her on a pathway to a unique and incredible destiny.


Kenny L. Mitchell


Glennville GA


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